3 In-App KPIs to Watch Carefully

The following KPIs can be game changers. Optimizing them is necessary if you want to succeed!

Click-to-install rate: get more downloads

Although the source of the traffic (advertising, organic) influences your number of downloads, the landing page on the App Store has an impact on the conversion rate. If the percentage gets too low (usually less than 1%), you might need to consider these factors:

  • Weight of the app: less than 50Mo is optimal.
  • Screenshots: the first 2 or 3 must be the best. Videos are great!
  • App title and description: clear, relevant to the category and attractive.
  • Ratings: try to aim at 4+ stars.
  • Last update: updates need to be frequent enough (not more than a month old).
  • Reviews: make sure your support team replies to bad reviews.

Day 1 retention: get more active users

It is normal to see less users coming back to your app the second day after installation. However, improving this rate should be one of your first goals. You need to pay a lot of attention to the experience of your users during the first minutes within your app. Most app developers usually aim at a minimum of 20 to 30% in Day 1 Retention.

Here are tips to improve this rate:

  • Sign up: if the user needs to log in, make sure the process is as fast and as easy as possible.
  • Simplicity: the user should be able to catch the concept of your app in minutes. It can help to work on a nice tutorial.
  • Minimize the loading time.
  • Be reactive when bugs are notified in the reviews.

Daily / Monthly active users: keep users engaged

This rate should be followed daily. Engaged users will recommend your app and drive more traffic to it. A downward trend is a sign that something needs to be fixed:

  • Check your crash rate and fix the bugs you might find.
  • Reactivate users by sending regular notifications: new app feature, discount…
  • You can go further and send specific notifications per type of users: for instance, send extra lives to the users who stopped playing a level because it is too hard.
  • Get social: entertain your users on social media.
  • Launch a retargeting campaign: the advertising platform will find the users that are no longer using your app, and display an ad to make them want to come back.