The scary thing called ads…

When choosing an ad platform to monetize the app you’ve poured your heart and soul into developing, the biggest considerations that come to your mind might be:

1. Can they bring me good money?
2. How easy is it?
3. Do the ads look good?
4. Will it turn my users off?

Formed by a group of game enthusiasts and app developers, AdBuddiz understands what’s important and strives to address concerns that go through all developers’ mind when making the important step to monetize your apps.

High CPM, automatic payments

We know, we know, it’s about monetizing your apps, after all. The money matters. That’s why we decided to work only on CPI (click per install), as this is the model for which advertisers are most willing to offer high payouts. Our advance optimization algorithm makes sure that your impressions are never wasted on ads that are not converting, (they get banned when they fail to convert consistently!) and that’s how we manage to maintain a CPM of up to $10 on android, $15 on iPhone and $30 on iPad. The payment is also automatic - as soon as you start generating revenues, you get money transferred into your account automatically, regularly. No procedures, no delays, no headaches.

Simplicity is our motto

It’s hard enough to develop an app, and we know no developer wants to spend an additional 5 hours trying to integrate an SDK with many lines of complicated code. AdBuddiz is dedicated to making lives easier for everybody. That is why our team has simplified the code to only 2 lines, so that integration literally takes just 5 mins. It’s our job to deal with all that coding horror, not yours.

Clean, premium HD ads

Users associate your apps with the ads you choose to display.
Nothing turns a user off more than seeing a low quality, low resolution ad while using an app. Not only are unattractive ads an eyesore, they are also inefficient in generating installs, which after all, are what will bring you revenues and that’s the only reason why you’re showing ads in your app. With this in mind, AdBuddiz have strict policies regarding the quality of ads that are to be shown in our network. In the same way a high-end fashion magazine picks out high-end luxury ads, we screen and qualify ads to make sure that they are HD, appealing to the eye and have content appropriate for your apps. We know your apps are not a dumping ground for crappy ads!

Your app is the star

As fellow developers, we know that at the end of the day, ads are the salt and pepper to the gourmet dish that is your app. They are necessary to bring out and enhance the flavors, but putting too much of them spoils the dish. In no case should ads spoil user experience by distracting or upsetting users of your app. To address this issue, AdBuddiz gives developers 100% control over when, how and how often to display the ads, making sure that the spammy user experience that leads to the downfall of many great apps can be avoided.


A lot of developers consider monetization through ads a dangerous territory, with the preconception that ads affect user experience, resulting in a drop in user retention. Avoiding advertising all together, however, is not the way to go - the solution is to pick the right ad platform that is simple, smart and knows what it’s doing. The problem is not with the what, but the how! :-)

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