3 Tools to Improve Your Mobile User Acquisition Strategy in 2016

We have interviewed 10 leading mobile advertisers to know the best tools they use for their User Acquisition strategy. Here are the 3 tools to watch in 2016:

1. Launch a retargeting campaign

The goal of retargeting is to reengage high-quality users who stopped playing a game, by displaying ads to them. As a studio, you can choose to promote among these high-quality users the same game they stopped playing, or a new similar game of yours.

2. Cross Marketing is a must-try

Cross Marketing is a way to promote your other apps within your own app. For instance, if your users are enjoying your app, A, they might be interested in your new app, B. Therefore, you can do Cross Marketing by displaying an ad for app B to the users within app A. There are various ways to do Cross Marketing: banners within the game, emails, push notifications… Some studios set a specific CPM (Cost Per Thousand) floor under which they prefer to do cross-promotion rather than monetizing their traffic through advertising.

3. What about RTB?

7 out of 10 interviewed advertisers have launched RTB (Real Time Bidding) campaigns. Results were mixed for most campaigns, and one of them was a great success. All of the advertisers saw a high potential in the future for RTB.


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