Top 3 creatives mistakes advertisers make

Today, I would like to share with you some of the common mistakes I have seen throughout my experience as a Campaign Manager.

1. Not inviting to download

When a user sees the ad, it will take him less than 2 seconds to figure out whether he is going to click or not. Forgetting the Call-to-Action button can be damageable.
Just pick a phrase easy to catch and use it !

These examples go straight to the point :
« Download now »
« Install for free »
« Play today »


Don’t forget to add the Play Store / itunes logo !

2. Forgetting the tagline

People need to understand immediately what your app is about : what category and why they need to download it.

Here are few examples:
« Best MMORPG game of the year ! »
« Match the candies and get rewards ! »
« Find more than 100+ travel ideas »

3. Poor design and image definition

Here are the most common mistakes I have seen :

- Using a screenshot of the app : usually unappealing, unclear. If a screenshot is relevant (an action scene from a war game), you might need to work a little on it.

- Irrelevant ad format : At AdBuddiz, we focus on interstitials because they generate higher revenues. Therefore, your ad should be able to fit a smartphone / tablet screen.

- Low definition ad : one way to know if your ad quality is ok ? Visualize it in full screen mode on your computer.

My last piece of advice ?
Don’t be afraid to hire a designer to make sure your ad has the highest chance to be clicked on. Choose the ad format with the best performance (interstitials) and make sure your ad is going to look as professional as your company.