Success Story Series : Star developer - Kitmaker

This is the third post in our success story series, which spotlights the real heroes of the mobile gaming community. Our guest this week will tell us about his experience with AdBuddiz and with Giftiz, our app that helps promoting games on Google Play. Welcome to…

AB : First of all, can you tell us briefly who you are ?

Kitmaker : Well, Kitmaker is a young spanish company that develops mobile games and apps, and that keeps trying to improve day by day. We started in 2007 by developing J2me games. We began doing apps for Android in 2010. We are located in Palma de Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands, and have more than 60 employees.

AB : What is Kitmaker’s most successful mobile game ? What do you think contributed to its success ?

Kitmaker : On android, our most successful games right now are the Final Kombat saga. We believe that the success of these games comes from the fact that we chose the right theme and a great name.



AB : How did you learn about AdBuddiz ?

Kitmaker : I was contacted by one of your colleagues by email, and then went to do a little bit of research on the internet about it.

AB : Some of your games got featured on Giftiz, our app that features the best games on Google Play. How did the featuring help promoting your games ?

Kitmaker :The release of our games was much better thanks to Giftiz. We benefited from many downloads at launch.

AB : You use AdBuddiz in some of your games. What’s your experience with our network ?

Kitmaker :We tried other ad networks and got better performance with you guys. We are very impressed with AdBuddiz and we are looking forward to building a long term partnership.

AB : What are the most important things you look at when choosing an ad network ?

Kitmaker : The most important thing, of course, is revenue ! Customer support is very important as well. In addition to driving us great revenues, AdBuddiz has an awesome support team that answers all of our questions very fast.

AB : What can you tell us about your team ?

Kitmaker : Currently, we are 20 people working on games. We can be more or less depending on each project. We are always sharing ideas and working side by side!


AB : Last question, What is the mobile game that you like the most ? that you hate the most ?

Justo : « My favorite game is Infectonator! »
Manu : « I love Zombie Highway 2»

AB : Thanks a lot ! Is there anything you would like to add ?

Kitmaker : Many thanks for that entertaining interview !

You can visit Kitmaker’s blog here.