What do you need to look at when choosing an ad network?

Getting a high eCPM is nice but I recommend the developers who are looking for the right ad network for their apps not to forget to ask themselves the following questions:
- is the ad solution easy to integrate?
- is it going to create bugs in my app(s)?
- am I going to get paid on time?
- will I get charged with extra payment fees?
- will I get a good support when I have questions ?

At AdBuddiz, we are obviously working hard to get the highest paying campaigns and bring high eCPMs to our publishers. But we are also paying a lot of attention to these questions. And here is how we answer them:

- the integration of our SDK requires only 2 lines of code. Simplicity is our motto
- we have thousands and thousands of apps running with our SDK and they are running like a charm
- we always pay on time (and even in advance in the case of wire transfers in order to make up with the transfer time)
- we are not charging payment fees (the fees you might get when receiving a payment come from Paypal or the banks involved in the wire transfer)
- we make sure everyone gets a reply from our support team within a day

Your problems are our problems. That’s why we have a poster at the office with a Steve Jobs’ quote that says : “If a user is having a problem, it’s our problem”. Since I am the CEO of AdBuddiz, I am at your service if you have any problems or suggestions. My email is public. Feel free to drop me a line: jonathan at adbuddiz dot com