5 factors that influence the conversion rate of your campaign

When  launching a CPI (Cost per Install) campaign, you need to keep in mind that your volume depends on 2 parameters.
The first one is your CPI. The second is the conversion rate from ad impressions into installs.

It means that with the same CPI, you can have more volume if you improve your conversion rate.

Here are 5 factors that can help you maximize your conversion rate:

1) App rating

If your app rating is lower than 3.5 stars, this might lead to a lower conversion rate. Here is a simple way to improve your App rating:

Ask your users within the app if they like your app or not.
If they click on “yes”, encourage them to leave a rating on the store.
If they click on “no”, redirect them to a form where they can explain why.

By proposing only your happy users to leave a rating, you’ll improve your global rating.

2) Weight of the app

We encourage you to keep your app light (preferably less than 40Mo).
When a user attempts to download a heavy app, he usually gets a warning message. This can be a deal breaker for many users, as only the ones connected to Wifi might want to give it a try.

3) Ad creatives

It is very important to show what the app really is about
(read my article here on the top creatives mistakes).

From my experience, strategy games campaigns convert much better when showing an action scene on the ad.

Don’t forget the “call-to-action” button (like “Download now” for instance.)

4) App icon/Store screenshots

A user must understand in a glimpse what your app is about through the app icon and the screenshots.

Suggestion: take the best screenshots (an action scene), add a clear sentence and, why not a couple of features?

Need more inspiration? Here are some of the top apps on the Google Play Store:

  1. Clash of Clans: use of video, powerful sentences and highlighted characters
  2. Uber: main features are explained above screenshots

5) Store description

Did you translate your description into other languages? You might want to find a native speaker to review it!