How To Improve Your Campaign’s KPIs

Here is how to make sure you’ll get traffic that matches your KPIs, and improve the existing sources’ efficiency:

Work with a few trusted transparent sources

The white paper we published recently revealed that mobile advertisers tend to limit their partners to 5-20 maximum. They prefer getting higher volumes from fewer partners they can trust and build a long-term collaboration with. Some of them allow a part of their budget (around 10%) to test new partners regularly.

Affiliation platforms are not recommended, for their lack of transparency. The mobile advertisers we interviewed reported working with 2 types of partners: social media and ad networks. Indeed, only these 2 can provide detailed information about the ad placements and their direct sources. It is easier to control where the traffic is displayed and optimize.

Notify your partners with in-app events

It is the key to have your partner optimize the campaign automatically. This prevents from buying too many installs that don’t match your KPIs if you don’t have the resources to check the results daily and prepare optimization plans.

Most tracking solutions on the market offer the possibility to create event postbacks. This way, if your ad network is integrated with your tracking solution, you can use the event template so it will be notified automatically every time an in-app event occurs.

Let’s say that your goal is to reach a minimum of 20% Day 1 retention. Once you set up the event postback on your tracking solution’s platform, your partner will receive all the “Day 1 retention” events that were from the users he sent you. Therefore, your ad network will pause automatically all the sub sources that don’t reach that goal. This way, you will only get traffic that matches your KPI.


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