Close Up On Rewarded Videos

We all know it: videos are a must for any publisher that wants to acquire users on mobile. However, an unsolicited 30-sec long video may be perceived as intrusive for the user. Viewers are twice more likely to have a negative emotional response to an interstitial ad than to a rewarded, opt-in ad.

When you are buying traffic for your app, it is hard to know where your ads are going to be displayed. For instance, they can be showing at a moment that is not convenient for the user (right when he opens his app for instance).

The solution: using rewarded video ads. They are an option offered by publishers to their users, to watch a video in exchange for some virtual item within their app.

Using rewarded video ads offers many benefits and can boost your campaign:

Better user experience

  • Rewarded video ads are not threatened by ad blockers, nor perceived as intrusive (unlike regular ads).
  • For the same number of impressions, rewarded video ads generate in average more installs than other ads, which means that your app is more attractive to users. If your video converts well, it will get a better visibility among publishers apps (can appear at the first request for instance), and therefore higher quality users.

Better traffic quality

  • Your brand image cannot be affected as the user is requesting himself to see the ad. Even better, if you are working with a premium ad network like AdBuddiz, you can be sure that the ads will be displayed in relevant apps with similar audience.
  • Users have to watch the video entirely, so they will know what your app is about.
  • Applying the same CPI as for non-rewarded video ads, advertisers tend to see similar to better volume and retention (better than interstitials, similar to non-rewarded videos). For more information, check out our white paper detailing best practices to use rewarded video ads, and some more insights from leading mobile gaming advertisers.