How To Measure Your Mobile Campaign’s Success?

Your campaign’s success must be measured on both volume and quality levels.

Volume: compare your conversion rates

The impressions-to-installs ratio will be your campaign’s CR. The global ratio (from all your User Acquisition partners) will give you an idea of how well your campaign is converting. The 2nd step will be to check each UA partner’s CR.

We usually say that the conversion rate is very low when several thousands of impressions are necessary to drive one install; a good ratio is from few dozens to hundreds of impressions. There are 2 consequences to a low CR:

  • The daily volume of installs might be lower: the campaign is not performing well for your UA partner’s publishers (they aim at the highest eCPM: revenues per thousands of impressions).
  • The quality might not be high since the campaign will not get the best visibility.

How to improve: check with your Account Manager the reasons behind this low conversion rate: creatives and CPI (Cost Per Install) are the top 2 factors. A higher CPI in particular will help improve both volume and quality, since your campaign will get a higher visibility.

Quality: check your KPIs

Just like the volume being influenced by the conversion rate of your campaign, your KPIs (retention, registration rate, ROI…) can say a lot about its performance. Keeping track of your KPIs allow you to take actions on your app, and on sub sources level.

Taking the example of a common KPI, “Day 1 Retention”: a poor overall retention (usually less than 10%) could be the sign of a buggy app, an annoying process to start using it (long game tutorial or too many fields to register) or even misleading creatives (user doesn’t see what he expected when clicking on the ad).

How to improve: on your UA partner level, the first step is obviously to make sure the rules are respected (creatives used, only direct in-app traffic, etc.). Then, KPIs will vary a lot depending on the sub publisher. It’s important to keep track of your KPIs per sub source, to pause or push the ones that send you poor or high quality users.