Mobile ads – a form of art?

Okay maybe not quite. But mobile ads have surely come a long way from a blurry, unreadable banner - unable to be closed yet when clicked doesn’t help you understand what it’s all about…we know, we’ve all suffered from that.
Things have changed and AdBuddiz is pioneering the way by turning mobile ads into a work of art, rather than a nuisance.

Our philosophy is based on creating ads which help our network of developers to monetize their apps in the cleanest possible way: ensuring the user experience of their apps is not infringed upon, while at the same time achieving the highest payouts on the market.

How are we doing this?

We use only high-quality graphics with the clearest resolutions.

Our campaign managers select the best performing apps from our premium advertisers, and choose only the most appealing creatives to display across our network. Attracting users to want to install the advertised app is the most important objective!

You don’t lose your users

We bring the app store into your app. There is no redirecting or opening of multiple windows which distract the user and take forever to load. All ads are cached, so they appear instantly.

We keep things simple and clean. Once the user has installed the ad, they’re directed right back to where they left off in your app, smoothly and seamlessly.

It’s a free world!

Most ads try to hide or camouflage the exit button, almost bullying the user into clicking on the ads. This is not a strategy we believe in. If they aren’t interested, they just aren’t, so let’s just let them get back to enjoying your app!

That is why we made an extra effort to create a “zone of exit” around the usual cross that is 9 times bigger than normal, which allows users to not have to click precisely on that tiny cross to dismiss the ad. Android fans can also use the back button to close an ad and return right back to where they were in the app before the ad appeared - so willing users click happily on the ads, and disinterested users return as happily (and quickly!) to your apps.

We believe in bringing mobile advertising up to a new level, to create high quality ads that users like to see on their screens and are attractive enough to generate installs. The company was founded based on this philosophy and it’s something we are always working to perfect. We’d love to hear about what you think!