Is Video The Best Ad Format On Mobile?

We recently released the results of a survey showing that 8 out of 10 advertisers declare that video is the best ad format in terms of performance:

  • Volume: more installs are generated for the same number of views
  • Quality: the users tend to use the app longer

Of course, both traffic quantity and quality will depend on the efficiency of the video ad itself (learn how to make a great video ad for your game).

What payment model for video ads?

Videos can be used on CPM, CPC or CPI campaigns. The interviewed advertisers reported using the same payout for their campaign regardless of the ad format (the same CPI will be applied on both videos and interstitials for instance).

Rewarded or non-rewarded videos?

Videos can be rewarded or non-rewarded. Rewarded videos reward the user (they will earn some virtual item) in exchange for watching the ad. Non-rewarded videos are skippable, usually after a few seconds (depending on the ad network). The user is not incentivized to download the advertised app.

Advertisers usually don’t know if ad networks use rewarded or non-rewarded videos. The ones who were able to track the results from the 2 formats didn’t notice any difference in terms of performance.


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