Who is playing your game?

How would you describe your typical gamer?

Frankly, it is arguable whether “the typical gamer” even exists anymore.

The profiles of gamers are evolving rapidly. The stereotype of gamers being the anti-social teenage boy, or the middle-aged man with no life, has never been further from the truth.

The fact is, smartphones and tablets have made gaming portable and readily accessible to everyone, and with the increasing variety of mobile games out there, more and more people, both men and women of all ages, (including moms and even grandmas!) are spending more time delving into the world of mobile games.

This study done by the IAB shows that, contrary to popular belief, people of all ages play games. If we take a look at this other study done by The Washington Post below, we will see that women are almost as addicted to games as men. We see almost equal shares of men and women spending time playing games.

With the profiles of players diversifying, there is a lot more room for different kinds of games and apps that target audience with different tastes and spending capacities.

That’s exactly why so many different kind of advertisers are willing to spend big money on advertising in apps and games, and why it makes sense for all the talented developers out there (yes, you) to monetize your games and apps with a smart ad solution that adjusts and targets the right ads to the right apps and audience!